Frequently asked questions

Yes.  Our membership subscriptions run on a monthly basis.  If you cancel your subscription, you will not be billed again and will have access for the remainder of the month you have paid for.

When registering on the website, you signup for a monthly PayPal standing order. You simply need to cancel the standing order on PayPal and we will be notified of the cancellation. You will continue to have access to the website until the next monthly renewal date.

Absolutely.  We use Paypal as a secure payment system and do not receive or hold any personal payment information on the website.

Yes!  Our monthly subscription provides access for the whole family.  Our tutorials cover maths from Year 7 and all other content is created for students from the ages of 10-16. However, the subscription only covers children in your direct family or household.

Yes!  Our Happy Mind and Study Skills videos can help them to feel calm, happy and organised.

No.  All videos are accessed via our secure site.  All they need is a phone, tablet or laptop.

Each of us has extensive experience of working with, and supporting, young people.  Our tutor, Alex, has successfully taught secondary age students for a number of years, in addition to teaching younger students.  Holly and Su have worked for many years with young people, privately and within schools, to help them develop confidence and a feeling of well-being.  In her work as a parenting coach, Jill supports parents of children of all ages, helping them to understand behaviours and develop ways of positive parenting that support their family.

Yes.  The Study Bubble team is here to answer any questions you have and to hear any suggestions of topics you would like to see covered.