Meet our experts

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Alex Newbert

Study Bubble is the creation of Alex Newbert, a UK-based teacher, private tutor and mother of three. In addition to teaching upper key stage 2 within the state sector, Alex has run a successful private tuition practice for many years, preparing primary and secondary aged students for exam success.  Witnessing the increasing anxiety felt by students, as they progressed through secondary school, Alex felt that more was needed to support students through their adolescent years. Her thoughts turned to creating an accessible, discrete and interactive online platform to help students overcome the stress, anxiety and overwhelm experienced by so many students at secondary school.

Alex loves the outdoors, travelling and exploring the countryside with her family and crazy Labradoodle.

Su Winsbury

Su is passionate about helping women of all ages wake up to their true potential and ability.  She supports them to become confident, assertive and powerful individuals with inner belief and trust in who they are.  Su believes that self love is at the heart of empowerment and uses a blend of coaching, mentoring and energy work to help teens and older women develop the skills that will help them throughout life.Su is a Step Out Step Up Women’s Empowerment Trainer and an accredited ILM Wellbeing Coach and has many years of holistic and energy therapy experience.  Her biggest wish would be for all teenagers to be taught how to love and honour themselves and to understand the true power of their mind.

Holly Stone

Holly trained at the Clifton Practice based in Bristol, where she obtained her Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD).  Over the years, Holly has worked with many clients experiencing a wide range of concerns and anxieties, helping them to take back control in their lives and enabling them to make positive change for the better.

Holly is a strong believer that, if we understand how we think, and why we do what we do, then we have the ability over time to take control and make the changes for the better. She is passionate about empowering people to help themselves.  Holly has a special interest in helping children and teenagers to manage their emotions and cope with the challenges that they face.  By giving them the tools at a young age, Holly helps to equip them to cope with life’s challenges, whether it be exam stress, body image issues or lack of confidence.

In her spare time, Holly loves spending time with her daughters, her dogs and her horse.  She is a keen boot camp fan and loves taking part in team mud run events.

Jill Lawrence

Jill is a certified and experienced parent trainer, offering training courses, workshops and private parenting consultations. She is trained and authorised to teach parenting courses developed by The Parent Practice in London and Gordon Training International in California. She is also a qualified life coach, offering personal coaching to enable individuals to identify and realise their goals. Jill started parent training after being inspired by the positive changes in her own family life, following a parenting course. She learned new strategies and practical tips for making parenting easier, more effective and more peaceful and is devoted to sharing positive guidance to benefit others.  Jill has lived, worked and volunteered on five continents with and without children. Jill and her family are used to adjusting and adapting to change and have helped many others to do the same.